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Lehman’s Terms was founded under principles that buck the norms of corporate culture often practiced today. We have tossed aside the idea that bigger is always better, greed is good, and the bottom line must be one of dollars and cents.

Rather, we have built a culture around higher principles such as “Going beyond service to serving” the importance of having a servant’s heart, and a bottom line based on relationships rather than profits and revenues.

We feel it is important that we hold true to our core values. After all, it’s our core values that differentiate us from the advisor down the street and define our advisory model which includes:

Integrated Financial Planning

Since we bring a tax expertise, you can have confidence that our recommendations have considered tax implications. Since our fee-only approach means we do not sell any products, you can have confidence that we are not in competition with your other advisors who may. We can work with your existing team of attorneys, insurance agents, etc. and help lead a coordinated and comprehensive approach to your finances. This not only will provide you an unbiased, professional opinion in decisions involving other advisors, but also puts in place a financial “project coordinator” who can ensure each party of the team is on the same page and working toward the same proper goals… yours!

100% Fee Only

It can be hard to build trust in a relationship where your advisor earns a commission every time he sells something to you. This type of compensation arrangement creates a conflict of interest between you and your advisor. That is not to say that great advisors are unable to resist the temptation to act in their own interest rather than yours… Rather, it is simply the existence of a conflict of interest that gives clients reason to be skeptical and advisors the means to profit at the expense of their clients.

The compensation arrangement with each client is competitive and transparent. We are never paid any more or less when one of our recommendations is acted upon. Therefore, it can be assured that if we are recommending something to our clients, our only motivation is because we feel it is in their best interest. A fee only arrangement therefore allows the client and advisor to align their interests rather than put a conflict between them.

Client Cap

Where many advisors practice under the mantra that bigger is always better, we will intentionally remain small keeping with our priority of building strong, trusting relationships. To do this, we promise our clients that their advisor will limit the number of clients served at one time. In a world where levels of service are falling and many advisors are taking on hundreds of clients, we feel it is in our clients’ best interest that we remain small so our service level remains exceptional.

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