Austin Lehman – CEO

Before starting Lehman’s Terms, Austin worked at L.M. Henderson & Co., performing audits, tax work, and various consulting projects. Prior to that, Austin worked at Ernst & Young, performing audits of global companies.

Austin is a proud husband and father. He is actively involved at Trader’s Point Christian Church, currently helping new members to connect to TPCC and find their passion and spiritual gifts. Austin likes all things sports and previously coached a 5th-6th grade CYO boys basketball team. He enjoys spending time with his wife, Kristina, and children, Brayden, Bella, and Caleb. The family travels to Lake Michigan each summer and likes going to the zoo and eating sweets.

Doug Follett

Doug holds degrees in both Accounting and Marketing. After working for 11 years in various financial departments at the Allison Gas Turbine Division of General Motors (now Rolls Royce), he took a 17 year hiatus in order to raise 3 children. After their 2nd child was born, he and his wife decided that one of the two of them should stay home with the kids. Doug volunteered, and got the gig!

During this time, in addition to being Mr. Mom, he spent as much time volunteering in the school systems and at Traders Point Christian Church as time would allow. He served as Preschool Ministry Team Leader for 7 years, and then was Large Group Instructor for the Elementary Program for another 5 years. He also leads chapel presentations for Traders Point Christian Preschool & Academy.